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Musical Instruments Rent

Do You Know That?...

  • Music lessons improve the health of cardiovascular system. Musicians control breathing better
  • Music improve the work of brain
  • Children who learn to play musical instrument, show significantly better academic performance in school, have better reading and math skills. Playing musical instruments improves fine hand motor skills.
  • Playing in orchestras and ensembles fosters social skills and experience of team work
  • Playing a musical instrument reduces the risk of hearing problems of old-edged
  • Music allows to relax and helps to fight stress.

Do You Want to Try?

  • Do you want to learn to play an instrument, but not sure of success?
  • The child requires violin or cello fractional size or flute with curved headjoint for 1-2 years?
  • Do you want to buy an instrument, but want to try it in practice before to make final decision to purchase?
  • You are going to buy a more expensive instrument in future, and you need something for short term?<
  • Do you need a high quality instrument for one concert or for a few performances?

are all reasons to use our tool loan program.

Pros and Cons

  • We offer for rent high quality instruments from leading manufacturers. We offer new instruments or instruments in good condition. Your education will be easy and the chances for success will be high
  • You can choose an instrument to rent from any available ones
  • We offer rental scheme with possibility of foreclosure. If you decide to buy a new or redeem the leased item within the base rental term, we return the lease payment
  • We do not ask any certificates, insurancies and personal documents. You need just to leave your contacts and estimate the planned date of return back
  • Upon receipt of the instrument you will need not only pay rent for the base term, but also to leave deposit which equal to value of the instrument (the deposit will be returned when you bring instrument back, for used instruments deposit is lower)
  • After the base rental term small monthly payments will be deducted from deposit amount, the final settlement occurs on return of the instrument

For your convenience we developed a few rental plans where level of initial rent payment depends from base term of rent:

Name Base term Initial payment Сomment
Concert 3 days 6.00% Recommended for professional performances, when high quality or special instrument is required or in other urgent cases.
Shoot session 7 days 10.00% Available for film and television companies, advertising and PR agencies and media, when the music instruments required for video, film or photo shooting and will be used by actors or unskilled people.
Month 1 one month 10.00% Convenient for exploring new instrument before deciding on a purchase, for training and performing at a concert or tour trip.
Year 10 months 35.00% Use this plan to rent student instruments. Warn our company in advance about your intent to rent an instrument for year, because in first days of season student instruments are high demanded. Issuance of instruments takes place in August and September, return in May or June. Other time the plan is not available.

Lease Terms

  • You get a new instrument and leave the deposit and rental payment for the base term of the lease. At the end of the base term of the lease you can return the instument or continue to use it further
  • When you return the instrument, deposit amount will be returned minus rent payments for a period exceeding the base term of lease and the cost of consumables like strings, reeds, mouthpieces, etc., which need to be replaced completely
  • If the instrument is brand new, the collateral value is its current retail price. If any previously leased or discounted instruments are on stock, the collateral value of them is the discounted price or the residual price
  • Returned instrument can have tracks of routine use - small rubbing and wear. If the instrument returned in very good almost new condition, on company decision the user may be granted up to 20% of the retal charge. If the instrument at the time of the return requires costly repairs or restoration, the cost of repairs and restoration determined by authorized master will be subtracted from returned deposit amount
  • The Company reserves the right not to return the instrument which is not subject to further use or restoration of which is worth more than the instrument itself
  • Payback period of the leased instrument called the time for which the cumulative sum of lease payments over the base period reaches the value of deposit. At the end of the payback period the instrument automatically becomes the property of the tenant and does not require a return
  • The usual payback period for musical instrument is three years. Rent in excess of the minimum period for the instrument are calculated as the collateral value divided by the payback period
  • If you decided to buy instrument within initial rental term, rental payment will be returned if:
    - You purchase leased instrument;
    - You rented discounted or previously leased instrument and buy a new one of same model;
    - You buy a more expensive model
    When purchasing any other instrument we will grant you a 50% discount of initial rental payment
  • The company provides free basic service for instruments during the lease term. This service includes the adjustment of springs, pillows and screws, replacement of cork, lubrication, bridge and sound post adjustment, etc. The rest kinds of repair need to be paid by tenant. Repair by tenant, teacher or third-party master is allowed only after permittion of company
  • The time spent in repairs not taken into account in calculation of lease payments
  • We offer instruments for rent equally for private persons and for organizations

How to rent a musical instrument?

  • Studying the information about available goods on our site often you can find the Rent link button. This means that there are one or more instruments of this model which offered for rent
  • The complete list of rental musical instruments you can find on
  • If you need to rent an isnstument which is not listed in our proposals, you can discuss this opportunity with our staff by email or phone. You will need to explain the purpose of rent and estimate the desired term. Surely consumables and accessories are not subject to rent
  • When the model of instrument been selected you can go to page of this instrument rental items, where you will see a list of them. Each item have different collateral value which equal to retail price of brand new item or depends on the degree of wear and tear
  • If the desired instrument is free within desired time, you can fill the request form for rent
  • After receiving your request we will prepare an Agreement, reserve the instrument and wait for you. If we have any objections or comments, we will phone you
  • You visit our shop, check and take the instrument, sign an Agreement, pay an initial rental fee and leave deposit
  • In the process of using the instrument you can track our calculations of fees and deposit to return on rent page
  • Inform us of the planned return date in advance to ensure that we have enough money to return
  • If you decide to keep the instrument for itself, just let us know