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Spanish flamenco guitars
Pearl percussion
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Вітаємо з Різдвом і Новим Роком!:...
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Российских покупателей просим...
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New models
Hora A100-15.54/29/2019
Hora M1080E4/29/2019
Hora B110-1/104/29/2019
Hora A400-15.54/29/2019
Hora B100-1/104/29/2019
Hora W11764/29/2019
Hora Z11774/29/2019
Большая картинка Stomvi Titan.TP5122
Большая картинка Stomvi Titan.TP5010
Большая картинка Stomvi Titan.5895
Большая картинка Ramirez Sencillo-A
Большая картинка PearlDrums MJ-306T
Большая картинка Yamaha ZS78310
Большая картинка Yamaha ZS78290

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How to buy?

Find the right item and information about it

  • Perhaps you already know the name or model of product you are looking foor. Then the easiest way to search is to use the search. Start typing and the site engine will show you the appropriate values. Select one of them and go straight to the description page of selected model, or stop input and open a list of suitable options. You can also make fragment or semantic search in descriptions.
  • If the model is not known and you want to see all our offers, select the desired model category. The whole catalogue is divided to several major categories, each of them has several subcategories. Only the most detailed sucategories have models inside. Category tree is shown in the upper part of the left information column. When you serf on site pages, navigation tree will be changed depending on page content. Full tree is shown on page categories.aspx. If brand is not selected you can open as smallest subcategories with models so large categories of upper lavel.
  • Probably you are interesting in products of only one brand. The list of key brands is listed in top navigation menu, it changes content depending on context. A full list of brands can be found on page brands.aspx. Category and brand pages have several tabs: products, news, articles, forum and information. It is possible to sort and filter the list of goods. Default sorting is popularity, default filter is to show only stock. If you select Available, items available on request will be shown too. If you select Actual, will be shown all products which arrival expected. When you select All, will be shown all models including archived and out of sale.
  • Tabs News, Articles and Forum provide quick access to texts of the selected item. Articles talk about most important topics, and News about latest events. Forum visitors can exchange opinions about products and manufacturers, ask questions. Articles and news are also subject of discussion.
  • Tab Information integrates links to all additional information resources available on the site. This can be anything - catalogs and brochures, software, user and service manuals, press clippings, pictures, posters and video links.

Goods Found

  • On the model description page you will see the same tabs Information and Forum, and a few tabs more. Tab History shows relationships between selected model and other ones - options and versions, newer and older, more and less expensive models. Tab Accessories shows recommended consumables for selected item (for example, batteries for camcorder or strings for guitar), and tab To Models shows models, which can be the main item for selected one (camcorders for battery or guitars for string set). If we have information about parts an details it will be shown on tab Parts.
  • Model description page contains additionally a third column on the right. Here you can see closest models of this or related category for quick comparison. If you want to compare the model, use the page compare.aspx. Just start typing the model name and use the hint.
  • The most conspicuous place, next to the image and the model name contains a few links. They allow you to include item in your order (if the item is available, or available upon request), to compare with other models, to rate the model, to request an event notification, price reduction or a call back.
  • If you use a product or familiar with it, you would want to share your opinions with others using model rating. It is enough to choose the rate and to write a short text if desired. Model ratings are shown everywhere on site and used to range models. Messages are stored in a forum for discussion.
  • Request notification option which need to use a site account, allows you to track all kinds of events that may interest a potential buyer: arrival of goods, reducing the rest in stock and sold out event, price reduction or special offers. The site offers functionality to control request notifications; after the ordering requst notifications will be automatically disabled.
  • You can guided to information about availability and expected arrivals of goods. If the product is available, this information is correct within one day of sales. Expected arriving date can be trusted with some fluctuation. We can not tell the exact date more accurate because the term depends on many circumstations which are not always known to us.
  • Information about prices will be personalized after sign up. If you have a discount card or wholesale status, site will show you your personal price and discount, and retail price. If your location is entered in account creation or calculated after IP-address detection, the price with delivery charges will be shown.
  • If you are not satisfied with the price offered and know best deals, click Found cheaper?. We reduce the price if your desire is argued by reference to a competing offer and if we have such ability.

To create an Account

  • After sign in, site shows you personalized pages - in particular, specifies your personal price and discount.
  • Our site is friendly to anonymous users and provides them almost complete set of options. You need to sign in only if it is really necessary. You can register on separate page, or at the time of booking order, request, or writing a forum message. Anonymous posts are allowed, but there is no possibility to edit them or to get answers by e-mail.
  • Account data are used to notify the buyer about the stages of order execution, for reservation and for communication with customer when necessary.
  • In accordance with the history of user's shopping we offer a few levels of discount cards.
  • Users' personal data are not used for unsolicited emails. On a personal profile you can subscribe to interest group of products. If you are interested in all the news, subscribe to our RSS news channel.
  • You can update your data on profile page. For better messages authorization you can upload a personal icon.

To order

  • You can add items to order by click Buy everywhere you can see it. Click Order on the top of page to check out an order, or continue to add items. Unfinished orders are stored for registered users. List of items for unsigned user saved only within session.
  • It is not allowed to order items which cannot be supplied or which arriving time is undefined. You can only to request notification about such items. Click Request Notification link.
  • Ordering page is divided to a few parts. After saving one part data you will be able to continue with the next.
  • There is a part for signing in or creating an account on the top of order page. Here you can check and correct user data. We kindly ask you check your name, phone and email. Select your location carefuly because it detemines delivery charges calculation.
  • Choose one of delivery options listed. For nonresident buyers cash on delivery is not provided and you will need to pay bill in advance.
  • If the goods are to be delivered to another recipient or forwarder facility, check the desired option and fill opened fields.
  • Change the list of ordered products. You can add the item directly to the order. The first available model will be added and after you can change it to the right. Change the quantity or delete unnecessary items. Site does not allow to increase the quantity higher than existing stock. Site automatically calculates discounts for large orders.
  • If you need to increase the quantity higher then existing stock, you about to ask an additional discount, or you are having any other questions, please, call our shop. You can see phone on the top and bottom of any page together with our shop address.
  • If the order is correct, click Submit Order or Pay by Card links. If the order is no longer needed click Cancel Order. If you need to correct a reserved order simply click Edit Order Again.


  • Payment in store can be done in cash or by card.
  • Orders which delivered by own company courier can be paid in cash to the courier or in advance by card online.
  • Orders with delivery within the country and abroad must be paid in advance by any means, including bank transfer payment and by card online.
  • Payment by card online will be done through secure connection.
  • Corporative clients can pay by bank transfer. Our company does not use the simplified taxation system and VAT is included in the price of goods.


  • For Kyiv region residents the Pickup by the customer is the cheapest delivery option. If you prefer delivery, its cost will depend from weight. Delivery is carried out at a convenient time for you in current (when you order before 16.00) or in preferrable day from 11.00 am to 18.30 pm. Delivery costs to Kyiv is 70-90 hryvnas if total weight of the load does not exceed 10 kg and 110 or more hryvnas for heavier loads. It is possible to save money while order a free delivery in Kyiv. Free shipping in Kyiv is carried out in Sunday (and if the order is made on Sunday - a week later) during the day. The amount of your order for free delivery shall exceed 1000 hryvnas. Goods ordered with free shipping will not be reserved and will be delivered if they will on stock in Sunday.
  • Long-distance delivery is provided by a third-party courier services. Cash on delivery is not provided, the bill need to be paid in advance.
  • Shipping is a separate service. If the goods are delivered and you refuse to purchase them, you have to pay the cost of delivery. Delivery is free if we make re-delivery to replace misoperable goods or did a mistake with shipment content.
  • Delivery of goods is carried out only to the place of residence or work of buyer. Delivery to the station or airport, to another public places are not allowed.
  • There can be additional customs duties under international delivery courier service. Please, check probable taxation in advance.

Order Tracking

  • When you clicking "Place an order" ordered items will be reserved for 3 days or more. If we will need to free ordered items for another buyer, we will notify you by phone or email and ask about payment terms. Orders not paid for more than 3 days can be cancelled without notice.
  • After order submit is will be closed for editing. New products will be added to the new order.
  • Site automatically informs the user by email about any order status changes like receipt of money and dispatch.
  • The same information is available on site after login.
  • After completion of the order, you may be given a discount on further purchases.

Exchange and Returns, Warranty

  • In case of misoperation of goods in the first 2 weeks after the purchase we replace item with the same operable for free.
  • If the buyer paid delivery we take broken item and replace it with new one with delivery charges at our expense.
  • The buyer has ability to change bought item to another within 2 weeks after purchase, if returned item was not used and keep brand new appearance. In the case of a charges for return and shipment of new item will be at the expense of buyer.
  • Not consumable goods usually have a one year warranty. Warranty terms and service center contacts you can find on relevant pages. If not, please, contact our staff.
  • Delivery to the nearest service center for warranty and post-warranty service and back is carried out by and at the expense of the buyer.